Our story….

After discovering the amazing kebab scene in Berlin, it was the bread that really made an impression. We became obsessed with trying to find it back in the UK and quickly realised we were going to have to create our very own version of it, a Hoba.

We teamed up with a local bakery to perfect  the recipe. After months of trials, errors and frustration, boom… Hoba bread was born.

We wanted to put our own spin on the Berlin style of kebab. Each Hoba is packed with fresh, exciting, local and sustainable produce, homemade sauces and pickles all made fresh in house.  

Find us doing pub pop ups, markets and private events.


Celebrating local producers, animal welfare and ethically sourcing ingredients is at the heart of what we do. We like to build good relationships with our suppliers to ensure we are getting the very best produce. All of our packaging is biodegradable. Here are our suppliers:

RUBY & WHITE BUTCHERS: all our meat is free range and locally reared

JOE’S BAKERYSupplying out bespokeTurkish sesame bread

BRISTOL SWEET MARTfor all of our herbs and spices